Father / Son Swimwear

Father / son swimwear

The special relationship between father and son, should certainly be shown off where-ever, when-ever! We've woven this intimacy into the fabric of our father and son beachwear collection. Inspired by men, created for children. Ramatuelle features various models, prints and colors, that father and son will guaranteed stand out during a day at the beach! The father and son collection is carefully selected, and therefore creates a perfect look for young and old! 

Our father and son beachwear collection

Ramatuelle father-son combinations swim shorts in various, playful, colors and prints. 

Like father, like son!

Ramatuelle vader zoon zwembroek North sea

North Sea - father / son swimshort

The North sea coast line, nautical charts and the marine life served a big inspiration source for our tough, classic North Sea swim short. 
Made from a beautiful microfiber 'peach' finish. In addition, this fabric got special treatment, also known as "lotus effect". The treatment causes the swimshort water repellent and makes your short dry quickly after a swim in the sea or the pool. The North sea swim short there is for both men and for children. As we like to name, an amazing father/son combination.

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Vader en zoon in dezelfde roze zwembroek

Tahiti - father / son swim short

Tahiti. The name of this swim short,  takes you one a journey to beautiful tropical islands with white beaches with palm trees. Ramatuelle has chosen to give this short bright colors with contrasting details, guaranteed you will be spotted on those beautiful island beaches.

Tahiti swim short is made of a Nylon Taslan fabric with a so-called 'peach' finish, which makes it super soft and comfortable to wear. Just like swim short North Sea, the Tahiti also

undergone a special treatment, called 'lotus effect'. This treatment causes the swimshort water repellent and makes your swim short dry quickly.

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Vader zoon dezelfde zwembroek Ambon met bloemetjes op een boot

Father and son combinations

Our swim shorts come in various styles, colors and striking prints. There's a father and son combination with a playful fish print, but we also have a classic chic woven dobby print. Our special swim short has to be the Magic print! 

The Magic print is a single colored swim short, but when it gets wet an amazing print will appear. Your son will proudly show off this magical swim short.

Check out all our father and son combinations. Find the perfect look for you both!

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